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qWho do you become in the dark?q Mind Melter, an esper who fully embraces his over-the-top name, has everything he wants, including the unquestioning loyalty of his protAcgAc Rosie, until he sets his sights on the Bogeyman. After pushing Rosie too far, Mind Melter?s enemies prepare to strike back and take everything away from him. Ellis Straylight is many things: soldier, shadowmancer, oldest sibling. In the chaotic world of the Dome, Ellis will learn how identity can destroy you and trust can put you back together.? In a place of false suns, alter egos, and rampant inequality, what does it mean to be a hero, and what will it take to survive? Find out in Superdome: Volume 1 of The Shadeshifter Chronicles, a series featuring diverse characters, including MOGAI and neuroatypical characters central to the main narrative.Ellis grinned and tucked it into the MOLLE straps on er hiking rucksack. Rosie putthe doublesided axe back, picking up a bow. a€œWe canmake arrows, right?a€ a€œ Easily. Youa#39;ve probably never seen a totally uncultivated forest, but I know a fabulousanbsp;...

Author:Casca Kelly Green
Publisher:Booktango - 2015-01-20


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