Summary : Rule #1 - Phil town

Summary : Rule #1 - Phil town

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This work offers a summary of the book a€œRULE #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!a€ by Phil Town. Phil Town is well-known as the man who borrowed $1, 000 to start investing and ended up with a $1 million investment portfolio within five years. His rule #1, which informs all his other decisions, was (and is): dona€™t lose money. In Rule #1, he explains his premise in practical terms for both the beginner and more experienced investor. The first step from rule #1, for example, is, a€˜[a]lways buy a wonderful business at an attractive pricea€™: find a wonderful business, determine what ita€™s worth, buy it at 50% off and repeat until rich. Town details specifically how good financiers operate and how they determine what a business is really worth. There are explicit characteristics in a a€œwonderfula€ business, which Town enumerates, along with other crucial data: what are the Big Five numbers which are vital to every deal, and how can you calculate them? What inadequacies to bad businesses have, and how can the informed investor find them before ita€™s too late? Phil Towna€™s Rule #1 is an essential handbook for entrepreneurs and investors: it provides a checklist of vital information, which, if followed, will result in long-lasting success and impressive profits.The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week! BusinessNews Publishing. generate a minimum Rule #1 ... be on financial information Web sites. This information is free or you can pay for a subscription service (such.

Title:Summary : Rule #1 - Phil town
Author:BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher:Primento - 2014-10-28


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