Sum Lucid

Sum Lucid

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qSum Lucid, q is a hard slap in the face. It unconsciously reminds readers how life is fickle, how it never exactly leads people on the path they're supposed to be following. In his book, Mr. Shimberg gives an account about how his life veered off the desirable path. What makes his narration interesting is how he whizzes by every problem he's ever had like a pro, declaring very objectively, how he feels about each tragic and joyful occurrence that has already passed. His book readily describes these personal trials in a series of back-and-forth chronologies, in which memories resurface intermittently. There's a flurry of memorable recollections of bonding with his father, of various girlfriends, roommates and friends, all which make for vivid details of what life was like for Jason during the past decades. The book is a clear cut, and honest text, from start to finish.I really wasna#39;t taking any medication, as I was living out of my car at the time, a a#39;05 Gray Toyota Matrix, which still had temporary plates on it. ... one hand, which I didna#39;t know then but if you have a handicap then you are not allowed to use them as a prop or protection. ... A good thing aboutjail is you dona#39;t have to buy food.

Title:Sum Lucid
Author:Jason Shimberg - 2011-08


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