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Udha (Nectar), written in the last days of his life, culminates Chalam`s spiritual quest, representings his personal, mystical experiences. It is still in the mainstream of his writing, reflecting both his. spiritual endeavors and his emphasis on love as a means of spiritual liberation. While Chalam of the earlier writingd rebels a gainest society and its moral codes, asking questions concerning the meaning of existence, Chalam in Sudha has all answers to these questions Like all chalnm`s writings, the style of sudha is direct and poignant. Chalam`s poetry in Sudha is not bound by rules of grammar, meter, and rhyme.Consisting of 108 poem., sudha chronicles Chalam`s spiritual enlightenment. When the mind is quiet, the answers become evidentcontact with the wealth of Western literature.7 Chalama#39;s writings have been compared to those of a 17th Century Telugu writer, Vgmana, primarily ... Sri Sri, the foremost of the Telugu modern progressive poets, says of Chalam: Chalam propounds the doctrine of free life in his writings. ... children.8 Chief among Chalama#39;s essays are Stri (Woman, 1924), Biddala Siksana (Training of Children, 1924), Musings (1944), Prima ... What is true, what is healthy for herself, it takes time to decide.

Publisher:South Asia Books - 1990


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