Success Made Simple: Life and the Law of Motion

Success Made Simple: Life and the Law of Motion

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all and others dona€™t? Do you wish you knew the secrets to success? This book will answer these questions and much more. This book will show you: a€c That ita€™s simple to live the life of your dreams a€c That what you need to know to be successful isna€™t taught in school a€c How life really works and how you can take control of it a€c How the Law of Motion determines the outcome of your life a€c How to define what success means to you a€c An easy to follow, step-by-step process to live a successful life a€c A simple path to better health, relationships, and finances Before he retired, author Michael Weston was the founding CEO of a highly successful business. From a humble start with just four employees and no measurable income, the business grew to over 650 employees and more than $230 million in revenue. Along the way, the company became one of the fastest-growing and most widely recognized and awarded organisations in its industry. Over the years, he has discovered, refined, and simplified the practices that separate those who create successful lives from those who dona€™t. By following a few simple principles, Michael has been able to create the life of his dreams. Now his guide puts to work his three decades of professional and personal successesa€”and failuresa€”to help teach you how to realize your goals. You can seize control of your life and live the life you deserve to live. Michaela€™s simple, no-nonsense system helps you create the life you desire.The Official Usera#39;s Manual for Your Life Michael Weston. The Vision Board ... The First Milestone Adhering to the SMART principle, the first milestone might be something like a€œI will walk four kilometres in forty minutes or less, five days a week, for four consecutive weeks by (a date two months from now).a€ I will begin my newanbsp;...

Title:Success Made Simple: Life and the Law of Motion
Author:Michael Weston
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2013-10-09


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