Suburban Secrets

Suburban Secrets

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Grace Becker needed to get a lifea€b And thanks to '80s night, one too many Flaming Togas and a game of Truth or Dare with her girlfriends, this woman who has let her Day-Timer rule her life has found excitement in spades. Rather than reveal the trutha€”she's done time for forgerya€”Grace opts for the Dare: giving her undies to a total stranger. A smoking-hot, almost-half her-age stranger who's been making eye contact with her all night. Can life get any more peculiar? Well, it does when the hot stranger slips her his room keya€”along with a computer memory key linked to identity theft. And when she's taken into custody by a sexy Secret Service agent. And when her knowledge of Eastern Bloc cuisine lands her an undercover assignment cooking for a Russian mob bossa€b. Suddenly her old life as a suburban soccer mom is looking like heaven!She punched a button on the remote and the alarm turned off with a blip. Thank God car alarms had become like political promises. Everybody heard a#39;em, but ... a€œ Now put the key in the ignition. And if you try anything ... Have you ever heard the one that starts a#39;There once was a girl from Nantucketa#39;?a€ He smiled. He couldna#39;tanbsp;...

Title:Suburban Secrets
Author:Donna Birdsell
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-03-15


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