Substance abuse treatment. Generalities and specificities.

Substance abuse treatment. Generalities and specificities.

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BASIC ASPECTS AND RESEARCH 1. Is addiction a chronic relapsing disease? 2. In it for the long haul: recovery capital, addiction theory and the inter-generational transmission of addictive behaviour 3. Self-Medication and addictions 4. Promoting Best Practice in the drug addiction fi eld: the EMCDDA experience 5. Chronobiology and addiction: implications for treatment and prevention SEX DIFFERENCES 6. Biological bases of sex diff erences in drug addiction 7. Female polydrug abuse and psychopathology - Gender diff erences: an overview 8. The impact of motherhood on recovery - Lessons we can learn from the treatment journeys of mothers with problematic substance misuse issues THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITIES 9. Quality of life in therapeutic communities for substance abuse 10. Th e essential elements of treatment: a European therapeutic communities perspective 11. MECETT, the journeymen model transferred to staff training in TC's 12. The reasons for the rise and fall of the Bremberg empire SOCIAL AND POLITIC FACTORS 13. Th e United Nations and drug demand reduction policies 14. Factors for eff ective long-term recovery: risk and challenges during the economic crisis in Greece 15. Getting regular, early and brief alcohol interventions into primary care in rural New South Wales: the origins of the Murdi Paaki Drug and Alcohol Network 16. Social exclusion and immigration: new patterns of drug use among young marginal migrants 17. Politics and ethics for a journal editorIn 1994, M. Picchi wrote an important essay: Hi5 a€œprogetto per la#39;Uomo (project mankind)a€ which sees the therapeutic community as a school for life. ... is not only the search for wellbeing that is at stake, but also responsible human action. ... Later, anxieties concerning reinsertion, the way to cope with family and old friends, and the pride of overcoming said anxieties; ... as a personal expression of the most inner experiences but as part of an educational process of social interaction.

Title:Substance abuse treatment. Generalities and specificities.
Author:Ana Adán Puig, Conrad Vilanou
Publisher:MARGE BOOKS - 2012-01


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