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This new Third Edition provides a comprehensive overview of the etiology and development of stuttering and details appropriate approaches to accurate assessment and treatment. A new chapter on related fluency disorders discusses evaluation and treatment of stuttering associated with neurological disease or trauma, psychological disturbance, or mental retardation, and explains how developmental stuttering can be differentiated from these conditions. This edition also features a new chapter on preliminaries to assessment as well as new information on differential diagnosis of stuttering versus other fluency disorders. Appendices include forms for diagnosis and evaluation.For example, if a family member speaks 566 syllables in 122 minutes, their rate of speech is 500 SPM. ... Count the number of sentences or sentence-like utterances the child speaks during the sample and the number of times a family member interrupts the child. ... to interact with the child in a room outfitted with an array of quiet materials (paper, crayons, dolls, and games) to ensure an audible recording.

Author:Barry Guitar
Publisher:Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - 2006


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