Studio Anywhere

Studio Anywhere

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Whata€™s your definition of a photo studio? Is it a room with a white seamless backdrop or a cyc wall? Maybe ita€™s simply anywhere youa€™re in control of the lighting. In a perfect world, where every day is a breezy 72 degrees with partial cloud coverage, we would all have a 5, 000-square-foot studioa€“and the entire catalog of BaHa„c in our equipment lockups. But the reality is that you may have an outdated DSLR with two decent lenses (which took you several years to save up for), and all you have at your disposal is an unfinished basement, your garage, or the empty conference room at your office. Thata€™s where Studio Anywhere comes in. With photographer Nick Fancher as your guide, youa€™ll learn how to get portfolio-ready photos while working in some of the most problematic scenarios imaginable. Whether shooting a corporate portrait, a test shoot with a model, or a promo shoot with a band, youa€™ll discover that most of the time, therea€™s no need for an expensive studioa€“you just have to get creative. Studio Anywhere is a resource for photographers to learn through behind-the-scenes photos and lighting diagrams from a range of photo shootsa€“but it doesna€™t stop there. Because directing a photo shoot involves more than simply knowing how to wield a camera or process a raw file, Nick also lets you in on the aesthetic decisions he makes in his signature photos, inspiring you to develop your own vision. And, finally, he describes his Lightroom and Photoshop workflow so you can learn how to deftly navigate post-processing. Shows how to create images with minimal equipment that is within reach of anyonea€™s budget Takes you through the entire shoot, from concept to lighting to exposure to post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop Teaches how to build a portfolio without a dedicated studio spaceFor lighting, I have three LumoPro LP180 strobes, which are durable, manual flashes (no ETTL). I also have two neutraldensity filters (one for each lens ... of my gear fits in my Pelican 1510 case. Figure I.3 Shot with a Canon 5DII. Take a close .

Title:Studio Anywhere
Author:Nick Fancher
Publisher:Peachpit Press - 2015-03-19


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