Strip Poker

Strip Poker

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When Vincent Gambuzzo, the not-so-bright proprietor of the Tiffany Gentleman's Club in Panama City, Florida, loses his business playing poker, his headliner, exotic dancer Sierra Lavotini, faces a crisis. The new sign out front reads BIG MIKE'S HOUSE OF BOOTY, and Big Mike's new business strategy leaves a little to be desired in the class department and even less to the imagination of the increasingly rambunctious clientele. As the dancers' unofficial leader and mother hen, Sierra leads most of her coworkers in a walkout and schemes to restore Vincent to power. But he's in jail, charged with murdering a man in a shootout at the end of that same disastrous poker game. Can Sierra prove Vincent innocent, help her fellow out-of-work dancers, and manage to make next month's trailer payment without a job? With the help of her neighbor Raydean, her on-again boyfriend, Panama City Homicide Detective John Nailor, and her quncle, q qBig Mooseq Lavotini of the New Jersey syndicate, of course she can, and it adds up to another fantastic ride in this hilarious and sexy series.We mighta#39; ve pulled it off, cool and casual, had a stupid tear not escaped, spilling over onto my cheek. ... the top of my head and held me for a moment, until the skycap interrupted us and it became evident that I was going to have to ... Somehow I missed the call that came on my cell phone, missed it until I reached to turn the phone off before boarding the plane. I pressed in the buttons, looking to see whoa#39;d called, hoping it was Nailor, but the caller ID only said RESTRICTED NUMBER.

Title:Strip Poker
Author:Nancy Bartholomew
Publisher:Macmillan - 2001-11-02


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