Stress Response in Microbiology

Stress Response in Microbiology

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To survive adverse and fluctuating conditions, microorganisms possess mechanisms to recognize diverse environmental changes and mount an appropriate response. Microorganisms frequently react simultaneously to a wide variety of stresses, and the various stress response systems interact with each other by a complex of global regulatory networks. Stress response systems can play an important role in the virulence of pathogenic organisms. In this book, expert contributors from around the world summarize the current knowledge on microbial stress response and comprehensively review the recent findings that have greatly advanced the understanding of stress response systems. Each chapter is devoted to a particular organism or group of organisms, including: Gram-negative bacteria * Streptococcus * Neisseria * Listeria monocytogenes * Bacillus cereus * Salmonella * Yersinia * Vibrio * Mycobacterium * mycoplasmas * yeast * Plasmodium falciparum * Toxoplasma gondii * Leishmania * Trypanosoma cruzi * Trypanosoma brucei * Entamoeba histolytica. In addition to providing an up-to-date review of current trends, the book also describes the challenges for future research and provides comprehensive reference sections. It represents a major collection of information and knowledge across a wide range of microorganisms and is highly recommended for anyone interested in stress response, regulatory networks, environmental microbiology, or the pathogenicity of microorganisms.As a result, the Psp system has become the most extensively studied Yersinia stress response. Therefore, the ... As of 2005, Bergeya#39;s Manual listed 11 species in the Yersinia genus (Bottone et al., 2005). ... 2000). This plasmid, denoted pYV ( or pCD1 in Y. pestis), is essential for virulence (reviewed by Cornelis et al., 1998) .

Title:Stress Response in Microbiology
Author:Jose M. Requena
Publisher:Horizon Scientific Press - 2012


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