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Ca€™mon, admit it: You havena€™t been reading your Bible. Ita€™s so a€b long. Honestly, ita€™s intimidating. What you need is an overview. Something that will pull it all together. Like Storylines. Ita€™s like having a chat with your best friend a€b who also happens to be a Bible scholar. Or in this case, Mike and Andy. Theya€™ll tell you there are six overarching themes in the Bible: Jesus, Covenant, Presence, Kingdom, Salvation, Worshipa€”each revealing a way of understanding Scripture that makes it live and breathe, relevant to your life today. Grasp these Big Ideas, and youa€™ll see this amazing book in a new light. Youa€™ll see how each theme develops and how it relates to the whole. Mike and Andy also include a summary of the Bible and discuss of how it came to be in its present form. So pour another cup of joe and get comfortable. Grab your Bible, too. Once you understand the storylines, you wona€™t be able to put it down.Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you a€ (Ex. 25:8a€“9). It was no small thing for the ... He gave them an instruction manual much more complicated than any youa#39;d find at IKEA. The point was not that heanbsp;...

Author:Mike Pilavachi, Andy Croft
Publisher:David C Cook - 2013-06-18


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