Sterilization of Food in Retort Pouches

Sterilization of Food in Retort Pouches

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Developed for MREs (The Meal Ready to Eat) in the military, retort pouches, were first proposed in the 1940s, and perfected in the 1950s. The retort pouches (thermostabilized, laminated food pouches named after the retort steam cooker) used a three layered pouch that allowed food to be sealed and then cooked inside and never exposed to the air again until eaten. In this way, the food was sterilized in the pouch. The sealed pouch prevented contamination and loss of flavor for a long time. NASA began providing retort pouch food for space missions in the 1970s. The U.S. Army picked up on the idea in 1975 and began delivering large quantities of MREs to the troops in 1981. Manufacturing methods were becoming more efficient, thus making MREs cheaper. Campers and hikers became a major market, and new pouch designs eventually made retort pouch food a common product in supermarkets the world over. Sterilization of Foods in Retort Pouches provides a full understanding of the sterilization of food in retort pouches using computational fluids dynamics. The scope of the book is to analyze the process of thermal sterilization (heating and cooling cycles) of canned liquid food in a three-dimensional pouch, to examine the migration of the slowest heating zone, and to predict transient temperature, velocity profiles, bacteria deactivation and vitamins destruction in the pouches during the sterilization.PHOENICS Reference Manual, Part A. PIL. TR 200 A Bakery ... Optimal retort temperature profile in optimizing thiamine retention in conduction-type heating of canned foods. Journal ofFood ... Teixeira, A.A., Dixon, J.R., Zahradnik, J.W., aamp; Zinsmeister, G.E. (1969). Computer ... Computational fluid dynamics modeling and validation of the temperature distribution in a forced convection oven. Journal of Foodanbsp;...

Title:Sterilization of Food in Retort Pouches
Author:A.G. Abdul Ghani Al-Baali, Mohammed M. Farid
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-11-12


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