Stepping Up To Science and Math: Exploring the Natural Connections

Stepping Up To Science and Math: Exploring the Natural Connections

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Stepping Up to Science and Math invites you to step back and rethink the way you teach both of these essential subjects. Then it illustrates how you can step up the pace with Standards-based activities that make learning more effective and efficient. (You can even step outside the oridnary with new lessons featuring gummy worms, school buses, or the planet Mars.) Compiled from Science and Children, NSTA's award-winning elementary school journal, Stepping Up gathers 21 articles that provide interdisciplinary options for linking inquiry-based activities to mathematics as well as other K - 6 curriculum areas, such as language arts and social studies. The book is organized into three broad content areas based on subject matter or skills: 1) Making connections among the basic process skills, such as linear measurement, data collection, estimation, and graphing, that underpin both science and math. Chapter titles include qSay Yes to Metric, q qGummy Worms Measurement, q and qWeighing Dinosaurs.q 2) Using scientific concepts as the core for authentic investigations that link to other disciplines. Titles cover qCrossing the Curriculum with Frogs, q qReal Earthquakes, Real Learning, q and qMission to Mars.q 3) Finding contemporary applications for scientific inquiry and experimentation to develop more advanced integrated process skills. Among the titles: qThe Scoop on Science Data, q qThinking Engineering, q and qBuilding Structures.qSet within engaging authentic contexts, the science lessons focus primarily on linear measurements to explore ... Don Nelsona#39;s a€œSizing Up Treesa€ transports measurement skills and geometry into the great outdoors with fiftha€“sixth graders undertaking inquiry ... Tradebook-inspired ideas for data-driven activities that provide opportunities to teach process skills and make ... a€œCentimeters, Millimeters, and Monstersa€ by Jenice Goldston, Allyson Pennington, and Stephen Marlette uses a 5Eanbsp;...

Title:Stepping Up To Science and Math: Exploring the Natural Connections
Author:Marion Jenice Goldston
Publisher:NSTA Press - 2004-01-01


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