Stealth Sweep

Stealth Sweep

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A conspiracy deep within China threatens the balance of global power and stability. A rogue major from Chinese Intelligence is a mastermind with the patience and resources to spend years executing a plan of attack to expand Chinese territory into world domination. Zero hour for his lunatic dream has arrived, backed by a sophisticated new weapon. Remote-controlled stealth attack drones have been smuggled in cargo containers to strategic strike points. Under the radar, the first drones launch with the intent to cripple China's own retaliatory capabilities. Mack Bolan infiltrates the conspiracy in Hong Kong, fighting the odds and the convergence of hostiles in a defensive sweep that includes PLA soldiers, Red Star guards and Chinese Intelligence. Bolan's on a mission to terminate with extreme prejudice while, unchecked, the drones wait patiently for orders to release their deadly cargo of nuclear bombs around the world.a€bShifting into gear, Wong gave no outward sign that the name meant anything special as he started the engine and pulled away from the terminal. ... in a wild mixture of old and new vehiclesa€”sleek hybrid cars and old ramshackle trucks that seemed to be held together with bailing wire. ... As the cab stopped for a red light, Wong glanced into the rearview mirror. ... a€œYou took a big chance carrying these so close to the airport, a€ Bolan said, disassembling the pistol to check the internalanbsp;...

Title:Stealth Sweep
Author:Don Pendleton
Publisher:Gold Eagle - 2011-07-01


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