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The authora€™s fascination with robotics takes us on a journey to a strange planet called Sonar. A planet filled with human like creatures and rituals performed by its inhabitants. Little did anyone expect to find that Abigaila€™s journey would eventually open the door to eartha€™s past and its relationship with a race of beings called the Saylon. Following the unsuccessful invasion of Sonar by the Earth Alliance in the year 2081, it would take almost one hundred years to pass before both sides would embrace each other in brotherhood. Unfortunately, not everyone on earth was eager to greet the Stargazer colonies as their equal. People that still felt that human form androids were the servants of the devil. In the end, the signing of the treaty between the two worlds would forever change the meaning of the word humanity.ordeal passed, Vincent scanned the area for the Guardian, but he was no where to be found. Xa#39; Xa#39; Xa#39; As Vica ... a€œTheya#39;re locking on to the power signatures at the generator stations, a€ Abby reported. a€œPut the stations on manual control. Give theanbsp;...

Author:Bob Hush
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-02-01


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