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A U.S. naval base is hidden among the few hundred islands of the Bahamas. Base Commander Jason Roberts relies on an old frienda€™s son, Lieutenant Billy Anderson, for answers to their incredible discovery. Andersona€™s research team tries to locate, track, and calculate the alien crafts final underwater destination. Tracking the craft had been difficult until Andersona€™s team installed upgrades to their current technology. Depth of the ocean offshore from the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center added to the difficulty in acquiring and tracking of the unidentified craft. The terminal flight of Starfish is salvaged under the cloak of darkness by the USS Grapple. The transfer of the craft to the base had to be conducted underwater, preventing Russian satellite coverage from viewing their newly acquired treasure. Lieutenant Anderson leads his team to complete the salvage operation, dissecting its technology. During the initial inspection of the alien ship, he found something that would change his life and career path. Why a deceptive colleague revealing secret technology to the Russians may change industries on Earth. Could he be caught? What meaning could the artifact found on the lunar surface have? What secret would lead to murder on the ISS? How could a murder look like an accident and be kept secret? The lunar mining facility is now operational. The interim docking facility can now handle the transfer of lunar materials back to Earth. Expansion for further mining and exploration outweighs the cost of supporting the aging ISS.Over the next week, theyhad made great strides in completing their improvements to the original design Billy had made. They were almost ... He was going to test it while flying his RC helicopter in the shop for thehell ofit. He alsorigged a coil toanbsp;...

Author:Tom Sutton Jr.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-12-08


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