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A mesmerising tale of old Hollywood glamour and post-war espionage from the bestselling author of The Good German and Leaving Berlin. Hollywood, 1945. Ben Collier returns from war to the news that his filmmaker brother Daniel has died in mysterious circumstances -- the papers say it was an accident, but others suspect suicide. Daniel was a heroic figure who helped many prominent German intellectuals escape Europe before the war and then settled in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Liesl. Why would a man with such a bright future take his own life? Could he have been murdered? Ben is determined to uncover the truth and uses his friendship with Continental Studios boss Sol Lasner to penetrate the maze of studio politics and Hollywood secrets. Beneath the surface shine of the movie business lies a darker world where even the biggest stars and star-makers are vulnerable to old secrets being exposed and old loyalties tested...An old firstaid manual? How to tieatourniquet. He waited until Lasner had taken a breatha€”steady, nota rattlea€”then hurriedback intothe club car.And what excuse could he make? An agent expecting dinner. Ben looked into the dining car.

Author:Joseph Kanon
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-06-24


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