Stand-alone Solar Electric Systems

Stand-alone Solar Electric Systems

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One of the best ways to get power to remote, off-grid locations, whether in developed or developing countries, is through the use of solar electric systems. This practical guide describes how to plan, design and install solar electric systems in a manner that is hands-on, graphic and technically complete. Highly illustrated chapters cover: solar energy basics components of solar electric systems (modules, batteries, regulators, inverters and appliances) installation practice on planning and servicing systems water pumping refrigeration village electrification. This is the must-have guide for electric technicians and designers, development workers, and anyone who wants to install their own off-grid system.... on a support structure together with associated wiring. ballast inverter: a device which converts low-voltage direct current ... circuit diagram: drawing used by electricians to represent electric circuits. connector strip: insulated screw-down wireanbsp;...

Title:Stand-alone Solar Electric Systems
Author:Mark Hankins
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-09-23


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