Stainless Steels for Design Engineers

Stainless Steels for Design Engineers

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The rate of growth of stainless steel has outpaced that of other metals and alloys, and by 2010 may surpass aluminum as the second most widely used metal after carbon steel. The 2007 world production of stainless steel was approximately 30, 000, 000 tons and has nearly doubled in the last ten years. This growth is occurring at the same time that the production of stainless steel continues to become more consolidated. One result of this is a more widespread need to understand stainless steel with fewer resources to provide that information. The concurrent technical evolution in stainless steel and increasing volatility of raw material prices has made it more important for the engineers and designers who use stainless steel to make sound technical judgments about which stainless steels to use and how to use them.V. vacuum arc remelting (VAR), 157a€“158 vacuum induction melting (VIM), 157 vacuum oxygen decarburization (VOD) cleanliness, 184 refining process, 156 vanadium carbides for flatware, 240 high-temperature martensitic stainless, 133, 134(F) Volvo, auto components, 230 ... 208a€“211 recent developments, 211a€“212 resistance, 210a€“211 safety, 211 Schaeffler diagram, 202(F) sensitization, 48 shieldedanbsp;...

Title:Stainless Steels for Design Engineers
Author:Michael F. McGuire
Publisher:ASM International - 2008


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