Spread Betting the Forex Markets

Spread Betting the Forex Markets

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If you were to make a list of financial topics that have grabbed the interest of the wider public over recent years then spread betting and foreign exchange trading would surely be near the top. These have both been around for decades, but developments in technology and financial markets in the past five to ten years have made them extremely hot topics right now. This book starts by covering the basics of spread betting and explains why it has become such a popular method for trading a whole host of markets. Next the forex markets are explained - cutting through the jargon to help you understand how they work, what makes currency prices move second by second, 24 hours a day, and how you can trade forex using spread betting. Finally, some trading strategies are examined - approaches that you can put into practise straightaway using spread betting, and at a level of risk that suits your own particular circumstances. If you are looking to trade forex then this book provides an expert introduction - helping you to succeed by avoiding the most common pitfalls of this highly volatile but fascinating market.This can mean that trends in forex are more durable than those in many other markets a€“ which is Good News for chartists. ... Ita#39;s fair to say that the vast majority of my approach to technical analysis and trading was learnt in the currency marketsanbsp;...

Title:Spread Betting the Forex Markets
Author:David Jones
Publisher:Harriman House Limited - 2010


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