Sports Around the World

Sports Around the World

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This multivolume set is much more than a collection of essays on sports and sporting cultures from around the world: it also details how and why sports are played wherever they exist, and examines key charismatic athletes from around the world who have transcended their sports. * Nearly 900 entries cover most aspects of sport from around the world * Contributions from more than 200 distinguished scholars, such as Mark Dyreson, Henning Eichberg, Malcolm MacLean, S.W. Pope, and Rob Ruck * Entries on players, stadiums, arenas, famous games and matches, major scandals, and disasters * Lists of Olympic medalists for all events since 1896 as well as lists of winners of major events such as the FIFA World Cup and MLB World Series * Further reading selections provide direction for in-depth analysis of each event, sport, personality, or issue discussedIaido I„ derives from older Japanese martial traditions and has historically been referred to as a€œiaijutsu.a€ While a€œiaijutsua€ continues to be used today, ... The Art ofJapanese Swordsmanship: A Manual ofEishin Ryu Iaido. New York: Weatherhill.

Title:Sports Around the World
Author:John Nauright, Charles Parrish
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2012


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