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SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) has become the industry standard for computer-aided circuit analysis for microelectronic circuits, and is used by the majority of IC designers in North America today. Unlike most SPICE books, which simply present SPICE in a how-to-use fashion, this volume outlines how SPICE is used in the process of design itself. It features methodologies for analyzing transistor and op amp circuits, over 100 SPICE examples, and numerous chapter problems. Intended to accompany Sedra a Smith's Microelectronic Circuits, 4/e, this book can also stand alone as a manual for computer-aided circuit analysis for microelectronic circuits. SPICE decks and the examples in this book, as well as examples from the first edition, are all available on-line via the World Wide Web at http://www.macs.ece.mcgill.ca/~roberts/ROBERTS/SPICE/. Most circuit examples can be simulated using a student version of PSpice running on a low cost PC. This new second edition improves upon the first by tightening up the language and shortening the volume's length by almost fifty percent in order to make the materials more useful as a supplement to Microelectronic Circuits 3/e, by Sedra and Smith. Also available from Oxford University Press to accompany Sedra/Smith Microelectronic Circuits 3/E: Laboratory Manual by K.C. Smith (University of Toronto) ISBN 0-19-511103-6 Additional Problems With Solutions by K. C. Smith ISBN 0-19-510586-9 1995 Problems Supplement by K.C. Smith ISBN 0-19-510367-XThe intention of this book is to avoid this pitfall by teaching readers what not to do with SPICE.

Author:Gordon W. Roberts, Adel S. Sedra
Publisher:New York : Oxford University Press - 1997


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