Spaced-Out Science

Spaced-Out Science

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q[A] frontal assault on the unholy trinity: scientism, atheism, and secular humanism. Author L. Dale McCartney systematically pries their grubby little fingers off the throat of society. Those who think they own the rights to this world's hearts and minds are in for a smack-down. The average man can take back ownership of his intellect without shame.... Organized religion also has dark secrets regarding its dogma, its proposed answers, and attempted compromises with science. Does truth actually exist, or is it an enigma? Will truth survive the onslaught of science's quest for ultimate power and authority? Is God relevant in the twenty-first century -- and how so?... Young-earth creationists can now emerge from the lion's den with a newfound confidenceq--P. [4] of cover.Dark Secrets of Evolution, and Religiona#39;s Answers L. Dale McCartney M. D.. it takes for the lab to produce those shorter sections called oligonucleotides, you see a very complex repetitive stepwise sequence of organic chemistry. ... Enthusiasm is no substitute for evidence, and wishful thinking is no substitute for facts.

Title:Spaced-Out Science
Author:L. Dale McCartney M. D.
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2011-05


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