South of Cayenne

South of Cayenne

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In 1945 after Germany surrendered Berlin was divided into British, French and American occupation zones (West Berlin) and a Soviet zone (East Berlin). For years West Berlin, surrounded by the Russian zone, was a simmering Cold War issue. From June 1948 until May 1949 West Berlin was blockaded by the Soviet Union. All rail, waterway and road traffic was cut off by the Russians. The Berlin Airlift by Great Britain and the United States was West Berlin's lifeline.In 1949, after a Berlin Airlift crew returns to the States an explosion rips the right wing of their C-54 open over an unexplored area of Brazil. Only two of the five-man crew survive. The information is closely held---only President Truman and a select few know the cause of the crash. On national security grounds, the information is classified 'Top Secret' and sealed for fifty years. After spending a year in the jungle with aborigines both surviving crewmembers reach Cayenne, French Guiana. Neither crewman has any idea what caused the explosion that forced them down. Through the years, the engineer blames the death of his crewmembers on something he did or didn qt do that he should have. After living with guilt for forty-five years he sets out to discover the truth and a bizarre plot is uncovered.The SOS didna#39;t get out the wire harness was burned clear through.aquot; aquot;The rescue planes will find us. ... Cairns finds shark repellant, dye marker, an air pump, repair kit and some flares but cana#39;t find a first aid kit or any food. Other than the bailinganbsp;...

Title:South of Cayenne
Author:Jacques Evans
Publisher:Jacques Evans - 2010-05-22


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