Soul Windows....Secrets from the Divine

Soul Windows....Secrets from the Divine

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Description: qWhy is this happening to me in my life now?q As an intuitive counselor, holistic therapist, motivational speaker and author, Susan Z Rich was asked this universal question many times. One day she had to ask herself the same question after diagnosed with stage four-breast cancer. She made the life changing decision to heal her self naturally without any chemotherapy or surgery. From her own personal healing experience and years of counseling others, Susan Z Rich identified a pattern of divine communication between the dreaming soul experiencing a life and the Divine coach within. Life cycle signals that opened an anomaly called Soul Windows. Through the author's own life experiences and her clients, it gave her the insight to write Soul Windows -Secrets From The Divine, a poetic narrative book on common sense spirituality and how to own your life choices. Being happy in life, spiritual or feeling connected to the Divine is not only about prayer, angels, mystical beings, a punishing or rewarding God, a heaven to ascend to or hell to be afraid of. It should not depend on something outside of yourself to feel whole, safe, loved or valued by a goal that always seems to be just out of your reach. God is not out there, life is not out there and we should not be looking out there for it: God and everything else is within us. Our life journey was not designed to be experienced with a beginning or an ending of a promised goal or reward. It is completely about experiencing the emotions of everything until the feeling of being separate from Oneness is no longer a reality the soul believes in. Susan Z Rich inspires the reader through humor and a qget over yourselfq narrative to help you understand how to embrace the power of your free will choices. She introduces many successfully proven life-changing tools to help you stay in control of that relentless Inner Child's (emotional needs) desperate demands at all cost. Showing you how our Divine self uses Soul Windows to help the dreaming soul unfold its written life script. The inner Divine self guides the soul as a spiritual Life Coach through all the aging life cycles. Susan Z Rich writes: It is my hope Soul Windows will help you to understand you are in charge of your own life script and this book will give you some useful information with a few powerful learning tools to use. You write your own life script, live it, get assistance along the way and hopefully accomplish your journey the way you planned it. With a little luck, some new beliefs and a healthy dose of divine inspiration, my book just may assist you in experiencing this life journey with more joy and enlighten you with a few qAha, that makes so much senseq moments. Helping you to find your qMuchnessq and to let your qGod Sparkleq shine within!The energy is so high vibration now there is almost instantaneous manifesting of what you put into thought, word and actions. ... You can be in wonderful gratitude for your beautiful, shiny, new Ford Focus and say, a€œOK, I was not quite able toanbsp;...

Title:Soul Windows....Secrets from the Divine
Author:Susan Z Rich, Aldona Budniak - 2013-02-01


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