Sonic Morphology: Aesthetic Dimensional Auditory Spatial Awareness

Sonic Morphology: Aesthetic Dimensional Auditory Spatial Awareness

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The sound and ceramic sculpture installation, q Skirting the Edge: Experiences in Sound a Form, q is an integration of art and science demonstrating the concept of sonic morphology. qSonic morphologyq is herein defined as aesthetic three-dimensional auditory spatial awareness. The exhibition explicates my empirical phenomenal observations that sound has a three-dimensional form. Composed of ceramic sculptures that allude to different social and physical situations, coupled with sound compositions that enhance and create a three-dimensional auditory and visual aesthetic experience (see accompanying DVD), the exhibition supports the research question, qWhat is the relationship between sound and form?q Precisely how people aurally experience three-dimensional space involves an integration of spatial properties, auditory perception, individual history, and cultural mores. People also utilize environmental sound events as a guide in social situations and in remembering their personal history, as well as a guide in moving through space. Aesthetically, sound affects the fascination, meaning, and attention one has within a particular space. Sonic morphology brings art forms such as a movie, video, sound composition, and musical performance into the cognitive scope by generating meaning from the link between the visual and auditory senses. This research examined sonic morphology as an extension of musique concrete, sound as object, originating in Pierre Schaeffer's work in the 1940s. Pointing, as John Cage did, to the corporeal three-dimensional experience of qall sound, q I composed works that took their total form only through the perceiver-participant's participation in the exhibition. While contemporary artist Alvin Lucier creates artworks that draw attention to making sound visible, qSkirting the Edgeq engages the perceiver-participant visually and aurally, leading to recognition of sonic morphology.These .wav files were easily transferred from the recorder to the computer via a USB cable. All files were permanently saved in the ... E. aquot;Water Wombaquot; 5.1 Surround Sound Installation with Five Ceramic. 80 Digital stethoscope with M- Audioanbsp;...

Title:Sonic Morphology: Aesthetic Dimensional Auditory Spatial Awareness
Author:Martha M. Whitehouse
Publisher:ProQuest - 2008


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