Songs of Resilience

Songs of Resilience

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The chapters of this book form a persuasive chorus of social practices that advocate the use of music to build a capacity for resilience in individuals and groups. As a whole they exemplify music projects that share common features aligned with an ecological view of reform in health, education and social work systems. Internationally renowned and early career academics have collaborated with practitioners to sing a€˜Songs of Resiliencea€™; some of which are narratives that report on the effects of music practices for a general population, and some are based on a specific approach, genre or service. Others are quite literally a€˜songsa€™ that demonstrate aspects of resilience in action. The book makes the connection between music and resilience explicit by posing the following questionsa€”Do music projects in education, health and social services build a measurable capacity for resilience amongst individuals? Can we replicate these projectsa€™ outcomes to develop a capacity for resilience in diverse cultural groups? Does shared use of the term a€˜resiliencea€™ help to secure funding for innovative musical activities that provide tangible health, education and social outcomes?If they were in high school, it may have been a different story. ... It wasna#39;t long before the phone calls from different parts of Australia came into the school office: Congratulations to all. ... To quote many of the on-air guests on the ABC in Perth - a€œtheya#39;re playing that song again, and we spend the whole day humming andanbsp;...

Title:Songs of Resilience
Author:Andy Brader
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2011-01-18


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