Something Just Ain’t Right

Something Just Ain’t Right

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Do you remember your first love, the song that was playing when you experienced your first kiss, where you were for your first time, or how long it took to get past your first heartbreak? These events mold us, shape us, and forever alter us. When Alexander Gray meets Mia Price, the southern belle of his dreams, he must decide which fate would wound him more: being spurned or being burned? He screws up his courage long enough to ask her out, and they realize that perhaps they are meant to build a life together after all. That path will not be a smooth one for either, but now, as a couple, they must face their choices together. Along the way, they must survive run-ins with ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, and new acquaintancesa€”not to mention the specter of unresolved issues from the past. Alex and Miaa€™s relationship must survive the dangers of young love, or they may find that growing up can lead to growing apart. Theirs is a journey laced with hope, laughter, and the ever-shifting challenges of an emerging relationship, but most of all, it is rich with love.I replayed the message, and scribbled down the number he left. After checking the number twice, I deleted the message; after all, it was my message. I then retired to my room to make the call. a€œMBNA Customer Service, this is Blanche.

Title:Something Just Ain’t Right
Author:Kai L. Christian
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-05-14


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