Solving the Mystery . . . What Every Preteen Should Know

Solving the Mystery . . . What Every Preteen Should Know

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Churches, homeschoolers and individual families can benefit fromthis Biblically based curriculum.Solving the Mystery... What Every Preteen Should Know, addresses Biblical solutions to issues that preteens (5th-6th graders) are often exposed to through school, TV, relatives and friends. Some subjects covered are: God created everything in six 24-hour days, evolution is not true, God abhors evil including witchcraft, pornography and abortion just to name a few. With this book your preteens will learn what pleases God and how to recognize and protect themselves from the evils of everyday life.This curriculum should be taught on a 5th a 6th grade level.qWe've been using 'Solving the Mystery... What Every Preteen Should Know' in our preteen ministry for 6 years. We've found this curriculum to be instrumental in laying a BIBLICAL foundation for preteens as they transition from childhood adolescence to their teenage years. The material is extremely appropriate and relevant to the preteen dynamic, focusing on significant issues facing every preteen. This curriculum is a MUST-HAVE resource for every church's preteen ministry.q-Andy Waite, Associate Pastor, White Rock Fellowship, Noblesville, INIn a world where pre-teens and teens leave the church and venture away from the Lord at an alarmingly high rate, being real and truthful about what God tells us in scripture is a must. This curriculum is just that...real, factual information from scripture that pre-teens can carry with them through life. My son really benefited from being exposed to this curriculum.-Teresa E. Christopher, Mother, Noblesville, INSandy Brenneman lives in Indiana with her husband of 44 years. Together they have successfully raised a son and daughter through their preteen years to adulthood. Sandy has been developing and teaching this curriculum in churches for 25 years.Contact us at: http: //www.solvingthemysterybooks.comAlso the 2nd year students feel good about themselves when they know the answers and can help the newcomers. ... Preteen trivia questions are available at the end of the book if any lesson goes short. Trivia ... I insert additional special lessons, which are not in this book, about Christmas and Easter which makes for a niceanbsp;...

Title:Solving the Mystery . . . What Every Preteen Should Know
Author:Sandy Brenneman
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2010-10


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