Solaris Operating Environment Boot Camp

Solaris Operating Environment Boot Camp

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You have the man pages: what you need are answers! Solaris Operating Environment Boot Camp puts the answers right at your fingertips. Drawing on nearly 30 years of sys admin experience, David Rhodes and Dominic Butler cover every facet of Solaris OE system administration, from simple user management on standalone servers to building and managing a fully networked enterprise environment. They explain every task in detail, with sample commands, specific output, lists of affected system files, and in some cases, complete shell scripts. Coverage includes filesystems, kernels, packages, shells, Internet/DNS, email, PPP, NIS, backup/restore, security, and much more.When pkgrm is happy that the removal of the package will not cause dependency issues, it will begin to remove the files and directories that were installed with the package. It does this by class. In the above output extract, we can see that theanbsp;...

Title:Solaris Operating Environment Boot Camp
Author:David Rhodes, Dominic Butler
Publisher:Prentice Hall Professional - 2003


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