Socrates and Subtitles

Socrates and Subtitles

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A sequel to the author's earlier work Plato and Popcorn: A Philosopher's Guide to 75 Thought-Provoking Movies, this book presents analyses of 95 movies from the Americas and 20 other countries. Each entry includes a brief introduction to the film along with a list of philosophical questions to ponder after viewing it. Most entries also include a list of additional recommended films. The films cover a wide range of genres and topics--from the haunting tale of doomed Polish freedom fighters in Kanal's World War II Warsaw to the romantic and passionate story of rekindled love in Australia's Innocence.A Philosophera#39;s Guide to 95 Thought-Provoking Movies from Around the World William G. Smith. phere would suck ... Comparing onea#39;s analysis with those of others can lead to an added appreciation ofa film. You might become ... They wona#39;t watch 12 Angry Men (1957), because it is a black and white film. They wona#39;t giveanbsp;...

Title:Socrates and Subtitles
Author:William G. Smith
Publisher:McFarland - 2010-02-01


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