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Most companies today realize the imperative to connect with their customers, employees, and partners through social technologiesa€”Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and elsewhere. But a huge challenge is still in the way: how to build programs and teams for accomplishing all that. While organizations have been fixated on how to use the latest social tool, theya€™ve lost sight of how to create a talent pool capable of adjusting to the next wave of technology around the corner. For corporations to successfully transform into social business enterprises they must shift the focus from computers and tools to developing skills and attitudes around technology. Socialized! represents a a€œplaybooka€ on how to create such a high-performing social enterprise. Filled with clear strategies and real-life stories from visionaries and change makers, the book is designed to help leaders motivate employees throughout the organization to adopt a a€œsociala€ mindset, ensuring success against the competition.Businessesmust take control of atleast part of the story about their products and brand identity. ... updates because theyareon the roadmostofthe time, you canbet the article will be shared among those who have that problem. ... However, mostmedia sites allow contributing authors to includetheir bioand to providelinks totheirsocial networks and ... Replace Traditional Marketingwith Content Marketing As we wellknow, traditional marketing via TV, radio, and print is slowly disappearing.

Author:Mark Fidelman
Publisher:Bibliomotion, Inc. - 2012-11-15


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