Social Insects

Social Insects

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Here is a guide to the ecology of social insects. It is intended for general ecologists and entomologists as well as for undergraduates and those about to start research on social insects; even the experienced investigator may find the comparison between different groups of social insects illuminating. Most technical terms are translated into common language as far as can be done without loss of accuracy but scientific names are unavoidable. Readers will become familiar with the name even though they cannot visualize the animal and could reflect that only a very few of the total species have been studied so far! References too are essential and with these it should be possible to travel more deeply into the vast research literature, still increasing monthly. When I have cited an author in another author's paper, this implies that I have not read the original and the second author must take responsi bility for accuracy! Many hands and heads have helped to make this book. I thank all my colleagues past and present for their enduring though critical support, and I thank with special pleasure: E. ]. M. Evesham who fashioned the diagrams; ]. Free, D. J. Stradling and]. P. E. C. Darlington who supplied photographs; D. Y. Brian and R. A. Weller who were meticulous on the linguistic side; and G. Frith and R. M. Jones who collated the references. List of plates 1. Fungus combs of Acromyrmex octospinosus and Macrotermes michaelseni. 13 2. Mouthparts of larval Myrmica.An la#39;aide de radio-isotopes. Insectes Sociaux, 18 (1), ... Cycle da#39;activitAc et rAcgime alimentaire de Brachyponera senaarensis (Mayr) (Hymenoptera Formicidae). Insectes Sociaux, 25 (3), ... Levin, B.R. and Kilmer, W.L. (1974) Interdemic selection and the evolution of altruism: a computer simulation study. Evolution, 28 , 527a€“45.

Title:Social Insects
Author:M. V. Brian
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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