So You're an Atheist. Now What?

So You're an Atheist. Now What?

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What will everyone think once they find out that you're an atheist? How will you find happiness now that you no longer believe? This handbook for the newly-deconverted offers support and helps readers learn to find meaning, shed the emotional baggage, defend your position in debates, and become awesome! This book is not aimed at people who are questioning their faith; it doesna€™t aim to deconvert anyone. Rather, this book is designed for atheists, especially those who have recently woken up to find their faith is gone. You may still be getting used to your new worldview - and you may still have an irrational lingering fear of hell even though you're no longer a believer. The author explores the questions that may be swirling in your mind - Where do atheists get their morals from? How do you qlet goq of the emotional scars of religion? How do you talk to believers - how can you address the most common arguments that believers might raise? Most important, how do you find meaning in life? This book draws on the work of an army of freethinkers who came before. Ita€™s a cheerful review of the atheist's problems and how to get on with life - with more freedom and vigor than ever.... unnatural position, causing it to deform, 1 surely you can subvert that latent power within you for something useful such as losing some weight, quitting smoking, or learning a new skill. ... Get yourself a Kindle or an Android-based tablet, or an mp3 player and get as much useful content on it as possible. The amount of audio books these days is amazing, and there is 1Just Google a€œHindu holds arm up.

Title:So You're an Atheist. Now What?
Author:Yuriy Nikshych
Publisher:Algora Publishing - 2015-04-01


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