So Smart But...

So Smart But...

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He's incredibly bright but he just doesn't qget it.q She knows this business inside and out but she sabotages herself whenever she speaks. Every day, tens of thousands of businesspeople receive good performance reviews that are missing a key ingredienta€”the missing piece is unspoken, but everyone knows what it is. These executives can be brilliant in IQ points. They understand every technical aspect of their jobs. They come up with amazing ideas. They should be naturals to rise to the top of the corporate ladder. But the words qleadership potentialq never appear in their evaluation. Drawing on thirty years' experience working with executives, Dr. Allen Weiner explains why some people can be qso smartq about everything concerning their jobs except the thing that matters most: communication. This fascinating book demonstrates that to be a good communicator and therefore an effective manager, a person must have five qualities in order to be viewed as totally crediblea€”competence, character, composure, sociability, and extroversion. While some executives seem to possess all these qualities and be born with savvy communication skills, Weiner shows how people can find ways to make measurable improvements in how they present themselvesa€”ways that will enhance their credibility. So Smart But . . . offers a unique, scientific understanding of the components of credibility. It is filled with solid advice for overcoming what can be thought of as career-blocking behaviors. Rather than presenting a formulaic collection of do's and don'ts, Weiner offers a page-turner that is filled with juicy anecdotes of good executives gone bad. In addition, the book includes a 360-degree feedback instrument that allows you to survey your colleagues to get their candid opinions about your performance.Allen Weiner is one of those rare individuals capable of packaging deep communication principles in easy-to-implement tips and ideas. This book is not a hard-to-digest meal, but rather a succession of tasty communication hors da#39;oeuvres.

Title:So Smart But...
Author:Allen N. Weiner, Don Robert
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2006-10-27


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