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Written for both those who plan, administer, and manage networks and for software developers who work in a networked environment this reference presents all the ideas behind SNMP and clearly explains the protocols and mechanisms. Emphasizing practical network management, this is the only book to provide descriptions of what is managed using SNMP, carefully explaining the meaning of the information that is retrieved from TCP/IP systems. Ethernet, Token-Ring LAN or FDDI LAN interfaces, serial point-to-point, DS1 or DS3 interfaces, and X.25 or frame relay interfaces. Includes SNMPV2.... 265 (See also Fiber Distributed Data Interface) TCP (see Transmission Control Protocol) tcp group, 91 Case diagram, 206, 208 configuration, 204 ... 250 MIB, 252-259 protocol, 248-249 Ring Open Status, 254 Ring State, 253 Routing Information Field, 250 source routing, 246, 250-251 ... 236 Transfer syntax, 583 Index 673.

Author:Sidnie Feit
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Companies - 1995


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