Smart Grid: Man In the Middle

Smart Grid: Man In the Middle

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Bill Williams lost all of the people he loved. His wife died in a car accident. Now his former Navy SEAL son was left to die in Benghazi on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. Bill heads to Washington to seek answers, but answers are not forthcoming. He is left feeling isolated and alone with very little left to live for. Bill immerses himself into his work as a computer Engineer for a Smart Grid company to deal with the loss of his family. While trying to solve major issues with installed smart meters Bill meets Lynda Marshall, a research analyst for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Together Bill and Lynda discover a computer virus putting their lives in danger. The virus appears to be part of a conspiracy to manipulate the world's most powerful leaders through Smart Grid technology. Bill delves into the investigation, but his prodding labels him a Cyber Terrorist. Now, Bill is on the run from several government agencies that want to bring him down.When Bill spotted the dark silver Nissan Altima he had rented at the airport, he clicked the keyless entry without taking his hand out of his pocket. After opening the door and sliding into the drivera#39;s seat, he finally felt relieved to be away from allanbsp;...

Title:Smart Grid: Man In the Middle
Author:Barbara Boehm, Dale Boehm - 2014-10-07


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