Smart Enough Systems

Smart Enough Systems

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a€œAutomated decisions systems are probably already being used in your industry, and they will undoubtedly grow in importance. If your business needs to make quick, accurate decisions on an industrialized scale, you need to read this book.a€ Thomas H. Davenport, Professor, Babson College, Author of Competing on Analytics The computer-based systems most organizations rely on to support their businesses are not very smart. Many of the business decisions these companies make tend to be hidden in systems that make poor decisions, or dona€™t make them at all. Further, most systems struggle to keep up with the pace of change. The answer is not to implement newer, a€œintelligenta€ systems. The fact is that much of todaya€™s existing technology has the potential to be a€œsmart enougha€ to make a big difference to an organizationa€™s business. This book tells you how. Although the business context and underlying principles are explained in a nontechnical manner, the book also contains how-to guidance for more technical readers. The booka€™s companion site,, has additional information and references for practitioners as well as news and updates. Additional Praise for Smart (Enough) Systems a€œJames Taylor and Neil Raden are on to something important in this booka€“the tremendous value of improving the large number of routine decisions that are made in organizations every day.a€ Dr. Hugh J. Watson, Chair of Business Administration, University of Georgia a€œThis is a very important book. It lays out the agenda for business technology in the new centurya€“nothing less than how to reorganize every aspect of how a company treats its customers.a€ David Raab, President, ClientXClient a€œThis book is an important contribution to business productivity because it covers the opportunity from both the business executivea€™s and technologista€™s perspective. This should be on every operational executivea€™s and every CIOa€™s list of essential reading.a€ John Parkinson, Former CTO, Capgemini, North American Region a€œThis book shows how to use proven technology to make business processes smarter. It clearly makes the case that organizations need to optimize their operational decisions. It is a must-have reference for process professionals throughout your organization.a€ Jim Sinur, Chief Strategy Officer, Global 360, Inc.How can you make cross-sell offers for customers who use only your ATMs, the automated check-in terminal, or the Web-based shipping kiosk? ... Sadly, in many companies, the way the Web site or call center responds and the way marketing generates offer letters ... $30 Billion Global Retailer: Drive Basket Size and Cross -Category Sales Leading Computing Hardware Supplier: Preventive Maintenance.

Title:Smart Enough Systems
Author:James Taylor, Neil Raden
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2007-06-29


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