Small Dogs, Big Hearts

Small Dogs, Big Hearts

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Small dogs can bring big rewards! Small dogs are charming, intelligent, and loving, but they can also be overly energetic, manipulative, and stubborn. How do you ensure that your little dog becomes a fun, feisty best friend rather than a tiny terror? Small Dogs, Big Hearts is an updated and expanded edition of the classic The Irrepressible Toy Dog. It features the very latest, safest, and fastest training methods for little dogs. There's no need to use training methods from the past that don't work well with most dogs, let alone little ones who view the world and their owners from a very different vantage point. You'll find everything you need to know to train your little dog, from housetraining to house manners, in this updated volume. Small Dogs, Big Hearts follows the small dog from puppyhood through the senior years, giving advice on important topics such as: socialization housetraining behavior nutrition healthcare pampering your pint-sized pooch With lots of adorable photos, you'll see small dogs at their most charming while you learn to bring out the best in your little bundle of love. Darlene Arden is widely acknowledged as an authority on small dogs, and is the author of many books and articles about dogs and their care. A member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, she is a certified animal behavior consultant and a regular contributor to Animal Radio Network. Words of Appreciation for this book and its predecessor include: qThe voice of experience speaks about the hidden (and not so hidden) life of Toy dogs. Darlene Arden's sensible and practical advice is a must for would-be Toy dog owners. -Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, Tufts University, Author of The Dog Who Loved Too Much qSmall Dogs, Big Hearts is an invaluable treasure of informationa€b It includes every aspect of puppy care from infancy through adulthood. It is precise, beautifully written, and easily understood by both the professional dog exhibitor and the owner of a beloved family pet. Every person who contemplates purchasing a dog or who has a dog should own this book.q - Victor Joris, AKC Toy Group Judge. qDarlene Arden has come up with an informative book which, just like the little creatures that inspired it, manages to be of serious intent and at the same time entertaining. A thorough instruction manual for small dogs in general, it delves into the breed-specific joys and idiosyncrasies of these mini-sized canine charmers as well.q- Lilian Barber, Author, The Italian Greyhound, 21st Century. qFor anyone who has owned a small dog, the best book ever written has been written by Darlene Arden.q - Martha Smith, Providence Journal Bulletin. qAt last, we have a book devoted to Toy dogs written by an authority on Toy dog carea€bThis book would be a worthwhile addition to any dog fancier's library.q - Glenna Fierheller, Dogs in Canada. qArden's breezy, unassuming portrait of the Rodney Dangerfields of dogdom captures everything from their blue-collar feistiness to their charming insouciance.q - Ranny Green The Seattle Times. qIf you've never considered yourself a 'small dog person, ' this book could change your mind. If you've always loved Toys, you'll feel vindicated. And if you're considering a change of dog to a smaller breed this book will help you to avoid what could be fatal mistakes. The Irrepressible Toy Dog provides good advice for anyone with a dog, but for the Toy person it's a gift of understanding that will shatter the myth that all little dogs are or should be nasty, snappy brats. Brava!q -Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. A Howell Dog Book of Distinction.A Guide to Caring for Your Little Dog Darlene Arden ... While the average pet owner is strongly advised to leave this to their veterinarian, experienced breeders can and often do vaccinate their own dogs. ... The Toys also seem to form unique bonds with their owners, while the bigger dogs seem more amenable to living withanbsp;...

Title:Small Dogs, Big Hearts
Author:Darlene Arden
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2006-05-24


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