Sleep Better!

Sleep Better!

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This book offers professionals and parents step-by-step, qhow-toq instructions for addressing a variety of problems and implementing widely tested, largely drug-free techniques that have already helped hundreds of children with special needs. Convenient features include a ready-to-use sleep diary, behavior log, graphic comparison of various techniques, and a parent-completed interview to pinpoint problems and identify the best course of action. Personal insights from real families who have struggled with sleepless nights - including the author's own family - illustrate the dramatic improvements that are possible with these proven techniques.his bed at 10:00 p.m. and go to sleep, his parents were instructed to wait 5 minutes before going into his room. We suggested ... When children present multiple problems surrounding sleep, as Nick did, it is important that you be patient and continue to monitor your childa#39;s progress. Parents should ... Seeing that Nicka#39;s tantrums were becoming shorter and shorter gave them the motivation to keep going.

Title:Sleep Better!
Author:Vincent Mark Durand
Publisher:Paul H Brookes Publishing Company - 1998


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