Slaying the Dragons

Slaying the Dragons

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We know that those fearsome, fire-breathing creatures known as dragons do not truly exist. Yet, in the world of literacy instruction, teachers often feel as though they are battling equally severe and frightening conditions that hinder literacy success. The a€œdragonsa€ in the book serve as analogies for dyslexia problems, which often cause stumbling blocks to literacy mastery. Descriptions and ways to differentiate remediation for four types of dyslexia provide insights for veteran teachers as well as novices. SLAYING THE DRAGONS provides practical, down-to-earth information about researched and proven literacy instruction by using a delivery that is both succinct and thorough. In addition to each of the five essential components of reading identified by the National Reading Counsel, other complementary topics result in a combination of a€œtried and truea€ strategies along with new possibilities for 21st century literacy instruction. Slaying the Dragons: 21st Century Literacy considers several causes of literacy failure. Modifications for ELL students, gifted and talented and other exceptionalities show up adjacent to strategies. In addition, technology modifications offer methods of differentiating. Through a source in the text, teachers gain an opportunity to create their own adapted materials. The text format for SLAYING THE DRAGONS accommodates a readera€™s eyes by providing short lines of print, bold text to indicate important vocabulary words and bullets to signify steps or sequence. An electronic option is provided for readers who prefer that system. This reader-friendly collection includes many items not commonly found such as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, eye tracking, print size, overlays, and candid reasons for literacy failure. SLAYING THE DRAGONS will be an asset for teachers and parents seeking to increase expertise required to promote literacy success for all children.... text need increased time. Research also shows that children read with improved oral fluency after reading silently first. ... Books for children should include decodable textsa€”books primarily composed of phonetically regular words. Howeveranbsp;...

Title:Slaying the Dragons
Author:Barbara Frandsen
Publisher:Author House - 2011-08-30


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