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High atop a dark sunless mountain in the East, there existed a sprawling estate in which was located a one hundred room gothic mansion. It was owned and occupied by a group of wealthy businessmen who maintained controlling shares in the largest commercial industries in America. Dark brambled forests of towering trees and deep descending valleys surrounded the mansion. A cloudy mist permeated the hills and crevices of the weathered terrain. The air was lifeless and void of any wind. Not a sound or sight of animal life was discernible except for the movement of something very tall and hooded pacing ominously in circles outside the perimeter of the main edifice. It appeared to be human but was not.At 9:00 am the first name on the bulletin board list was called into the conference room where Lansford and the United ... A security guard stood next to the conference room door. ... Hal had been a maintenance supervisor for twelve years.

Author:Donald Cardinal
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-05-01


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