Six Tycoons

Six Tycoons

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John Jacob Astor - Cornelius Vanderbilt - Andrew Carnegie - John D. Rockefeller - Henry Ford - Joseph P. Kennedy - Even today, long after their deaths, the names of these six men continue to be associated with wealth and power. When they were alive, they dominated their worlds as few men had done before, and few have done since. Now in paperback, this book contains the life stories of six of the richest men who ever lived in America. Their lives offer us windows into ways of life that most of us can only imagine - an opportunity to glimpse times when laws, attitudes, prejudices, and opportunities were very different from today. Their achievements - financial, political, and social - continue to affect us to this day, for good or ill. Additionally, their mistakes still offer important lessons about the acquisition, use, and abuse of wealth and power. And had they not lived, the history of America - and the world - might have been very different indeed.The Lives of John Jacob Astor, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford and Joseph P. ... friends, Ella Ferguson (who had helped at Andrewa#39;s birth, when Margaret had been unable to afford to pay for the services of a midwife) lent her Ap20, which was enough for Margaret to book the familya#39;s passage across the Atlantic on a former Maine whaler called the Wiscasset.

Title:Six Tycoons
Author:Wyn Derbyshire
Publisher:Spiramus Press Ltd - 2009


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