Six in Green

Six in Green

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Benji is a man who escapes from the grips of the law after a long run of illegal activity to a simple family life. He marries the love of his life, buys a home, has a baby boy, and starts a business. Problem is he really needs to make one more deal in order to sustain his lifestyle. On his way back out of the game, though, there are those who have other thoughts for all the money he raked in. A plot to rob him comes to his attention, but with all that he has established therea€™s no way he can run. He must take his stand and hope to survive. Meanwhile, his ex is stalking his wife, and a rival street gang is bent on doing away with his whole crew. All the while, there are forces lurking in the background influencing events. Benjia€™s newborn becomes the focus of prophetic fulfillment and the target of these wicked spirits who become bent on doing away with him before he can ever grow up to fulfill anything. How will Benji protect himself, sustain his crew, shield his wife, and save his child? God help him.How did Jessie escape their older cousin Lynn, who would molest Niecey every chance she got. ... Denise dismisses the absurd thoughts of going straight and then steps away from the door so Benjia#39;s pushy mother can take a peek through theanbsp;...

Title:Six in Green
Author:Von Black
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-09-22


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