Simon Eady

Simon Eady

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Simon Eady and his mother have been on the run for many years. He lost his father at an early age and he has no other family or close friends. His most prized possessions are three old photographs and a series of postcards. Simon is a very talented and resourceful teenager who is continuously developing and refining his skills: learning new languages, and excelling in sports and studies. Unbeknown to Simon, his life is about to change. Within the span of a few hours, he will find himself involved in a kidnap attempt, discover that his mother is terminally ill, be targeted by the secretive British spy agency MI6, being hunted by a cold-hearted assassin, and be informed that his father is in fact alive and hiding somewhere on the opposite side of the world. Triggered by his mother's dying wish of seeing her husband one last time, shaken by a botched kidnapping attack, Simon is suddenly confronted by the insurmountable task of finding his father. Simon will be drawn into a world where survival depends on one's ability to master espionage, resort to deceit, commit crime, and be willing to kill without hesitation. Simon will be required to use all of his skills and knowledge to stay alive whilst frantically racing around the world looking for his father. Along his transcontinental race, Simon will become friends with an old retired Italian spymaster, who will equip him for a life in a world that few have survived. His quest will lead him to discover dangerous secrets about his family's past whilst sinking into a world from which there is no escape.CHAPTER 5 a€” FLIGHT OR FIGHT The Vespa GTS 250 was travelling at its maximum speed of 120 Km/h on the freeway, when Simon first saw the other teenager in his rear-view mirror. He guessed that the other Vespa, which was the sameanbsp;...

Title:Simon Eady
Author:Adrian Monico
Publisher:Simon Eady - 2012


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