Silencing the Thunder

Silencing the Thunder

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Susan Dax is coerced by the American Intelligence into not only aiding an unethical shady friend, who has been captured and imprisoned, but also to look into the theft of an undisclosed weapon. The developing plot takes her from the easy confines of Washington, DC, to Yemen, across the Middle East and the Mediterraneana€”ending with her being double-crossed, captured, and at the mercy of an extremist intent on poisoning and delving a crippling blow to the American public. The capera€™s involving Stevenson Mukoroa€™s masterly creation of Susan Dax is a sexy English compliment to Lara Croft and Fleminga€™s James Bond. She and Mr. Seymour Krakauer have lost none of their influence and constant-moving action flurry. The ambiance of raw espionage and no-holds barred fight scenes come floating back like biting cordite smoke. The Susan Dax series of novels now number eight titles.... some trees by pinpointing a section, tapping into the system to release an intermittent pulse via my android phone. ... had been an hour since my stance against the tree and another two since I had scaled the fence after an initial minor reset.

Title:Silencing the Thunder
Author:Stevenson Mukoro
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-05-28


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