Shrikes and Bush-shrikes

Shrikes and Bush-shrikes

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Covering the identification, biology and relationships of all true shrikes, bush-shrikes, helmet-shrikes, wood-shrikes, shrike flycatchers, philentomas, batises and wattle-eyes this book offers information on 114 species in 21 genera within the families Laniidae and Malaconotidae. For each genus, acoustic and visual signals are summarized and used to map similarities. The detailed species account for the bulk of the book, providing knowledge on field identification, plumage descriptions, geographical variation, moult, distribution, movements. general and foraging behaviour, food, sounds and breeding behaviour.qFood Arthropods, mainly insects and their larvae; mainly Coleoptera (beetles), Lepidoptera (caterpillars, ... scale: he-her-her-hur, hee-hee-hu-hu or often in two parts separated by a long pause: hee-huhuu-ho....hee-hu-ho, teee-tu-tee-tu- too, heepuheepu-heep, huit-eee-yew-yeew with variations. ... Mar, C9 with enlarged gonads Jan, Mar, Jul (ZaAmre)22, 28% juvenile Mar, breeding condition Cabinda Sepanbsp;...

Title:Shrikes and Bush-shrikes
Author:Tony Harris
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing - 2010-08-30


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