Shooting a Texas Tease

Shooting a Texas Tease

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West Texas is a white hot cauldron boiling over with a lust for money and power. Trapped in the flames of passion searing the Permian Basin, KPER television news reporters Erin McCartney and Sean Ryan battle to survive while exposing the drug smuggling, political corruption and sinful scandals rocking the city of Midessa, Texas. They are caught in a deadly crossfire between the crime and the corruption and their news director Scott Sangsue who demands total obedience and unquestioning loyalty. Just how far will the men and women of KPER-TV go to save their jobs and satisfy Sangsuea€™s hunger to be number one? How much are they willing to sacrificea€”their lives, their morals, their principles? When rookie television journalist Sean Ryan enters KPER-TV, he is swallowed by the cut-throat competition of television news. Suddenly, everything he knows and believes is being challenged by a world turned upside down. Will he succumb to the sexual temptations of Amer Chienne and Celeste? Will he be killed by the criminals or the cops in their drug war? Will he abandon his journalistic principles to save his job? In the end is he any better than Sangsue?a€œNow, I want you to start the car and when I give the signal drive it away. Stick out your ... Elle giggled from the front, a€œSorry, Ia#39;m not used to a stick shift. Ia#39;m ready ... There was no substance to conflict with his video, so it flew together. He wasanbsp;...

Title:Shooting a Texas Tease
Author:Robert Kearney
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-06-01


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