She, Myself & I

She, Myself & I

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The Cassel sisters have little in common besides a pair of wacky parents and a maddening knack for eluding happily-ever-after endings. But when their lives require damage control, only a dose of sisterhood will do. Paige, the oldest, is a go-getter divorce attorney whoa€™s reeling from her own disastrously failed marriagea€“and the fact that her ex has suddenly come roaring out of the closet with a cute boyfriend in tow. Middle sister Sophie is having trouble adjusting to life as a wife and expectant mom. With her doubts on the rise along with her weight, shea€™s ogling every available baked gooda€“and every available mana€“that crosses her path. And up-and-coming medical student Mickey has a racy new plan for her future thata€™s sure to shock her entire family. It includes a dangerously handsome, decidedly married chefa€bprivate cooking lessonsa€band spicy lingerie. To top it all off, the parents who dragged them through the Divorce from Hell years ago are acting like teenagers in lovea€bwith each other! One by one, Paige, Sophie, and Mickey are about to learn just how good it is to have a sisterly shouldera€“or twoa€“to lean on. From the Trade Paperback edition.I considered putting the car in reverse and getting the hell out of there, but before I could, the front door opened and my mother appeared, ... Hi, Dad, a€œ I said, and waved weakly at them before unloading Ben out of his rear-facing Britax car seat.

Title:She, Myself & I
Author:Whitney Gaskell
Publisher:Bantam - 2005-09-27


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